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Business law and litigation

At each step of their business develpment, managers and partners must take decisions in a complex and fast evolving regulatory environment which nevertheless partly conditions their future.

Thanks to its extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and its legal expertise, Nas Avocat law firm assists and advises its clients faced with tough options so that they make the most informed choices.

Nas Avocat law firm also knows how to defend them before commercial courts when their financial interests are threatened.

Business law

Nas Avocat law firm’s expertise in French business law and especially in corporate law allows its clients to structure or restructure their business activity in order to optimize them by providing them with the best legal schemes available.

Nas Avocat law firm provides its clients, companies, company directors, partners, groups of companies, with the most relevant corporate devices in order to limit or neutralize the financial, commercial, civil or criminal risks associated with the course of business.

A relevant tax analysis should guide all actions related to the creation of companies or the development/reorganization of businesses or, where applicable, the transfer of businesses.

Nas Avocat law firm, specializing in French tax law, will therefore be able to provide you with optimal tax advice at all stages of your professional development.


Nas Avocat law firm also intervenes in business law in the event of litigation. Abuse of majority, litigation between partners related to the execution of their agreement (partnership agreement), claims against the directors… maters for disagreemen are numerous and Nas Avocat law firm can handle them for you.

Nas Avocat provides its clients, companies, company directors, partners and groups of companies with its litigation experience and defines the best possible strategy in order to defend their rights, including before the judge or find a good compromise.

Based on a thorough analysis of legal and judge-case law sources, the legal and judicial strategy offered by Nas Avocat is implemented promptly and with tenacity.

Where relevant, the firm will also be able to advise a negotiated approach sparing the client from a long and costly procedure which does not meet its medium and long term interests.

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French tax law and tax litigation

French tax law is Nas Avocat’s core practice, both in consulting and litigation. Because a relevant tax analysis is crucial for starting/expanding/reorganizing a business or, when necessary, passing on the activity, NAS Avocat will be able to advise and defend you effectively.

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French criminal tax law and business criminal law

Specializing in tax and business law, Nas Avocat has acquired a recognized expertise in the criminal defence of its most exposed clients, its technical approach to cases allowing to develop a very effective defence strategy before the criminal courts and at all stages of the proceedings.

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