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Freely determined between the client and his/her attorney-at-law, fees are regulated by law (December 31, 1971 n ° 1130) and by a decree (November 27, 1991 n ° 11971 and July 12, 2005 n ° 790).

The fees issue is systematically addressed during the first contact with Nas Avocat law firm.
Fees and expenses are determined through a written agreement, in the form of a contract, or by exchange of letters or emails when the urgency and/or the distance so requires.
Nas Avocat law firm’s fees are based on an hourly rate. In the event of a particularly large volume of work, a reduced hourly rate may be adopted.

When possible, i.e. where the volume of work appears clearly predictable, a lump-sum fee is agreed.
In some cases, a result fee may be provided in addition to a lump-sum fee or hourly fee (fee exclusively based on results are forbidden under French law).

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French tax law and tax litigation

French tax law is Nas Avocat’s core practice, both in consulting and litigation. Because a relevant tax analysis is crucial for starting/expanding/reorganizing a business or, when necessary, passing on the activity, NAS Avocat will be able to advise and defend you effectively.

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French business law and commercial

At every stage of their company’s life, executives and investors must take decisions in a complex and highly evolving regulatory environment that determine their future. Thanks to its extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and its legal expertise, Nas Avocat assists and advises its clients towards the best choices.

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French criminal tax law and business criminal law

Specializing in tax and business law, Nas Avocat has acquired a recognized expertise in the criminal defence of its most exposed clients, its technical approach to cases allowing to develop a very effective defence strategy before the criminal courts and at all stages of the proceedings.

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Is French tax law just a mistery for you?

Doubts, questions, a litigation coming up… Do plan ahead, ask for advice and defend your rights

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