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Tax law and litigation

Taxation is at the heart of Nas Avocat law firm’s business, both in advice and in litigation.

Taxation issues are indeed central to the decisions taken by the business manager for the structuring of his/her professional activity and his/her personal assets; a relevant tax analysis should guide all actions related to the creation of companies or the development/reorganization of businesses or, where applicable, the transfer of businesses ; Nas Avocat law firm will be able to advise you effectively.

Nas Avocat law firm also defends its clients at all stages of the tax procedure, before any administrative bodies and any tax jurisdictions.

Tax law

As an experienced tax lawyer, Me Louis-François Nas brings an enlightening perspective to his clients in search of tax and financial advice adapted to their situations.

Through tax audits or finely tuned advice, Nas Avocat law firm puts its tax expertise at the service of individuals, business leaders and companies and offers them concrete solutions (identification of the risks incurred, obtaining substantial gains) in order to prevent any harm to their interests and guarantee the achievement of their financial objectives.

Nas Avocat law firm intervenes competently for :

Personal Income taxation

  • Tax declarations: Income tax (IR), Real estate wealth tax (IFI)
  • Management of family assets: asset reorganization, transfer and transmission of personal assets, inheritance
  • International issues: residence / non-residence; international inheritance estates; regularization of foreign bank accounts

Corporate taxation

  • VAT: intra-community VAT, taxable persons and partial taxpayers
  • Corporate tax, local taxes and application of international tax treaties
  • Investments abroad; withholding taxes in France; permanent establishments in France or abroad; anti-abuse legislation
  • Research tax credit


In case of disagreement with the tax administration and faced with brutal and sometimes inconsistent decisions, Nas Avocat law firm offers its taxpayer clients a finely tuned and rapid response so that individuals and businesses can stay afloat while defendong their rights.

Professional tax audit, personal tax audit, in all these situations, Nas Avocat law firm identifies the procedural misteps made by the administration and sets up a relevant substantive defense to obtain the reduction or even the cancellation of tax reassesments.

As an experienced tax lawyer, Me Louis-François Nas defends his clients at every steps of the tax procedure before any administrative body (administrative recourse, departmental commission, abuse of rights committee, commission of tax offenses, etc.) and any tax jurisdiction.

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French business law and commercial

At every stage of their company’s life, executives and investors must take decisions in a complex and highly evolving regulatory environment that determine their future. Thanks to its extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and its legal expertise, Nas Avocat assists and advises its clients towards the best choices.

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French criminal tax law and business criminal law

Specializing in tax and business law, Nas Avocat has acquired a recognized expertise in the criminal defence of its most exposed clients, its technical approach to cases allowing to develop a very effective defence strategy before the criminal courts and at all stages of the proceedings.

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